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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

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Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Ten

Aeres Anastasia

   This week's game was Ariadna versus Yu Jing! Once again we used the 20 by 20 System to select objectives for the match to liven things up a bit. The main objective was to activate the four consoles on the board in a specific order (one way for Ariadna and in reverse order for Yu Jing). The secondary objective was to kill a designated enemy unit. 

   The match began fast and furious with Ariadna activating their first console right out of the gate. Devil Dog and his antipode advance further across the board, drawing AROs but easily dodging the onslaught. They slip through to console Number Two and activate it as well. From here, a Highlander unit moves into the open, drawings AROs from four Yu Jing units. He attempts to place a smoke grenade and by some fortunate stroke of luck, beats all the enemy fire and deploys the cover. Now that there is smoke on the field, a unit I affectionately labelled as He-man, pops on top of a plateau, morphs into BattleDog-er, a werewolf- and leaps down behind a Yu Jing Link Team. With one chaingun attempt, he manages to kill one unit, wound another and miss three others. Battle Dog (as I wrote in my notes because, why not go full nerd?) then attempts to close combat the nearest Link Team leftover. The Yu Jing Unit crits, and when the Battle Dog tries the same move again, hits with a monofilament which Battle Dog don't care and ignored the hit. Meanwhile, Devil Dog and Antipode advance again, drawing AROs once more and take out the unit shooting at them. 

   On Yu Jing's turn, they begin picking off enemy units. Smoke laying Highlander gets wiped off the board and Seito criticals a smoke grenade deployment allowing some sneaky units who attempted stealth attacks to go back into camo. They take a console and set themselves up for the oncoming onslaught, then passed the turn.

   Battle Dog goes right back to shredding the Link Team even further. A biker unit advances across the board taking heavy AROs and ending up falling unconscious. Battle Dog, having taken out three of five Link Team units goes in for another kill but the little ninja staves a comeback and crits. Battle Dog falls unconscious. Marauders advance and stave off enemy AROs while a Highlander unit manages to squeak in and activate Console Number Three.

   Finding enemy units within reach, Yu Jing ninjas get to work and go into an attack frenzy. Unfortunately, the Ariadna unit proves tricky to hit, especially after deploying smoke as a reaction to being attacked. They do manage to take another Console as they shift around the board.

   Finding units that didn't fall back into camo on the Yu Jing turn, a highlander unit advances and takes out Seito. Next up, the one and only Highlander unit takes on two units, but there can be only one, and today was not his day. William Wallace sneaks his way towards enemy territory and a little guy I nicknamed Spartan (he totally is rocking the Master Chief look, I swear!) draws some AROs as he makes his way into battle. Somebody manages to land a boarding shotgun blast but, of course, being a Spartan he just brushes it off and decides to duck for cover when he fails his WIP roll. A Scots Guard unit takes up residence on a scenic overlook and goes into supressive fire.

   One of the remaining Link Team members goes in for a kill on a marauder only to find himself drawing the ire of Tank Hunter. The marauder goes down but, Link Team guy #4 also goes down to Tank Hunter's wrath. Final Link Team member #5 tries to revenge his buddy and confronts Tank Hunter, managing to take him out, but also going down in a hail of bullets. 

   And so... it all comes to this. A final showdown between William Wallace and a random ninja. Willy takes the first hit but goes into NWI. Ninja tempts fate by trying another hit and they both crit. 

   All in all, the match was fun to watch and kept the guys on their toes. A few mistakes were made along the way, so that in the end, we nullified the points from the second objective and went off the main for the win-meaning Ariadna won for the most consoles activated. We are loving this new objective determining system, that's for sure!!! See you guys next week!