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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

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Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Eight

Aeres Anastasia

   This weeks battle was a two on one match of sorts. I had to skip out on the game for a bit, but knowing ahead of time allowed my brother and I to combine our Aleph armies into one group to fight against our friend's Yu Jing army. Things were a little hectic at the start as I tried to accomplish as much as possible in the time I had.

  My hacker sidled up the side of the map, staying out of the detection of Yu Jing forces as much as possible before making a brave-and super lucky that no one got her- move to get within range of the enemy TAG. She then failed a Hack. Being she was right there, we gave it another go, and this time succeeded. I now controlled a TAG right in the midst of the enemy's army. 

Wk8 1.jpg

   I stepped out around here, so I'm relying on heresay for this bit, but what the hay? Yu Jing had to start trying to deal with their own TAG. Most were successfully able to dodge any AROs they may have incurred while using their orders. Then on our turn, we got to have some fun with the TAG. We took out a rocket launcher and somehow managed to eject the pilot straight on top of a shipping container so if he moved, he'd draw all sorts of AROs.

   Well he moved, and drew the AROs. And he survived and got back in the TAG. Then he took out some of my ladies. A Hac Tao advanced on my brother's side and did some damage. Smoke was deployed and a brave little Aleph made his way right up to the Hac Tao. Unfortunately there were also other units there and the little guy didn't make it. He did, however set it up to be a nice firing range for a unit with a rocket launcher.

   The Hac Tao managed to go back into camo and better position himself so that he was covering one side of the field and the TAG was on the other. When I came back, it looked rather like a stalemate. Anyone foolish enough to move was going to draw fire. The only problem was, they had way more firepower left than we did. 

   Points-wise, thanks to my girls with hefty fielding costs, we weren't completely demolished. We didn't have enough to win though. A Sophotect, Probot and two yudbots does not an army make. It was an interesting match, but we decided we are getting a little bored with straight up kill missions and are looking into some missions or objectives in the upcoming battles to spice things up a bit. Hopefully, we'll have some new armies joining the battles soon so it won't keep being ninjas versus the world! Until next time, keep on gaming!!!