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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Seven

Serenity Blue Blog

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Seven

Aeres Anastasia

   Sorry for the lateness of this post everyone, things got a little hectic recently. Anyhow, this wasn't a super exciting week for me in Infinity. I had to leave early and therefore played a match to show a new player the ins and outs of Infinity. The really only super interesting tidbit from out crazy trading of gunfire was when I rolled three sixes to take down one of their models. I did take photos of the other match that was happening that night, but I didn't get to hear how it went or see who came out victorious.

   Introducing new players to Infinity is half the fun of showing up at our local comic store to play games with friends. Granted, they don't carry any model at the moment, but people can walk in and see us playing and ask "what's that?" and we all launch into how awesome the game is and look how cool the mini's are! It helps that they are also cheaper than Warhammer which the store has in abundance! We aren't a super serious group of players either. We rely heavily on the forums to answer questions we can't seem to pinpoint answers to in the rule books. We are generally just playing for fun though when it's just the same three or four people showing up every week, we're getting a little bored with the kill matches. I may have to research some storylines and the like so we can start up an ongoing league-like event to spice things up. 

   Anyhow, here's all the pictures I managed to take. The majority are of the Yu Jing/ Ariadna match with a couple from our Haqq/Haqq training session. Hope you all have had great adventures yourselves!