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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

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Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Six

Aeres Anastasia

  Well, this week I think I'll do things a little bit differently... you see, we attempted a match that may have been a little too big for our britches if you will. We had four players and opted for 300 point armies... EACH. Two teams of 600 point armies. On one side we have Ariadna and Ariadna and their opponents were Haqqislam and Yu Jing. Four by Four board. Somewheres around a two and a half hour play window. Round One, Turn One went over an hour. So, this mess of match which saw more failing rolls than I think I have ever seen in my life, took forever, overall had very little happen, and was probably not something we will try again without a round clock! Anyhow, here's a bunch of pictures and if you dare, after those will be as best a summary as I could get as once it got late, actions were going rapid fire and well, I just couldn't keep up. 

  The match began with Haqqislam/YuJing deciding to play first. The Yu Jing Biker attempts to lay down some smoke for cover but draws AROs which swiftly take it down along with one of it's two Crazy Koalas. A Haqqislam unit attempts a move and is also swiftly taken down. Turns out the tank unit over on the Ariadna side is kind of a big deal. After some serious deliberation on HaqqJing's part, it is decided that that tank needs to go and they need to do whatever is necessary to take it out. A Haqqislam unit manages to tag the tank with forward observing, dying heroically by AROs.

   The forward observation allows Yu Jing to rocket launcher the tank, and the storm of AROs from Ariadna Squared fall short. The tank is unconscious, and a hail of gunfire erupts. With the tank down, a steady back and forth begins where a whole lot of misses go down. We are talking A LOT of failed rolls on both sides. By the end of the first round, both Ariadnan Lieutenants are down, and things aren't quite looking good for the werewolf team.

   On their turn, Ariadna Squared manages to clear out some of the HaqqJing's units but not enough to make up for their losses and after a ridiculously long First Round, HaqqJing seems to have the advantage and is declared the victor due to time constraints. It doesn't seem all that exciting, sure, and there were extended periods of strategizing on both sides, but the insane amount of die fails in this game was truly astonishing. Had the die shown favor to anyone, this match could have gone much more smoothly and gotten off more rounds in my opinion. Such is the hazard of games with dice though... that unpredictability sometimes is awesome and other times, is such a bore. I'm sure you've all been there. Having come from a background of DnD though, it still confounds me when 1s are great and 20s fail! 

   Anyhow, may your gaming adventures go much more smoothly than ours did this week! Game on!!!