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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week One

Serenity Blue Blog

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week One

Aeres Anastasia

   Every Tuesday night (or as near every Tuesday as our group of friends' other obligations allow) a small group of Infinity enthusiasts descend upon our local Brick and Mortar to duke it out in what we always hope will be battles of epic magnitude. Sometimes, it's epic-really, really, epic- and other days, we quit while we're ahead and drown our woes in Two-for-One pizza a few doors down. So every Wednesday, I aim to report back to you how our game(s) went. Mind you, I myself am new to this whole miniature warfare thing so my descriptions are apt to be lacking (if not hilariously inaccurate) and my memory is only so/so but I can guarantee some really cool photos (but I might be biased on the photographs seens as I took them). So there. Full disclosure. You've been warned. 

  Our group of four regulars consists of my own Femme Fatale Aleph Army (because yes, I only decided to buy the female figures because, well, I'm a girl and I wanted an army of badass chicks-do I need better reasoning?); my Brother's rotating roster of Haqqislam, Pan-Oceania, Nomads, and Manly Alephs; a friend who's opted for a werewolf heavy Ariadnan Army; and another friend who is treading the path of the Ninja with his Yu-Jing. It's an interesting mix, to say the least. This week we paired off to roll a 2 Vs. 2 deathmatch of Ariadna/Yu-Jing and Aleph/PanO on an icey terrain with trees, huge ice crystals and a few badly damaged damaged buildings. 

Nessaie Alke of the Aleph Army scopes out the field while a trusty Probot idly waits for some fool to cross its path.

Nessaie Alke of the Aleph Army scopes out the field while a trusty Probot idly waits for some fool to cross its path.

   Team Aleph/PanO deployed first, spreading out across the top of the board. We mainly kept it Aleph to the left and PanO to the right but the middle of the board held a small intermingling of both. One camo'd Dasyu took up residence on a central tower (Infiltration is a beautiful thing) overlooking the left side of the board. Her translucent blue silhouette marker was rather tricky to spot with so much of the board being blue and I had to remind myself often that she was up there. 

   Team Ariadna/Yu-Jing set up the bottom of the board, their own troops more varied than ours. A strange spattering of axe-wielding doctors, ninjas and the occasional faceless werewolf (he had a little accident) all just mingling about, waiting for the fun to start (and undoubtedly sharing war stories). We began with a back and forth volley-nothing spectacular really going down. "There was a firefight!" Rocket Launcher versus Rocket Launcher. PanO went down to Yu-Jing. Deva sniper took out the Yu-Jing menace and the little doctor bot behind him but couldn't finish him off due to the annoying habit of unconscious people falling to prone (I mean come on... "why on earth would an unconscious unit fall over?" she asks with a mischievous grin). 

   A lot of smoke was dropped-making me rue the decision to not bring along my own smoke deploying lieutenant-and then a knock-down-drag-out-scuffle occurred inside the center-most building where Faceless Werewold reared his ugly... fearsome... well, Faceless Mug and waded through mines and gunfire to take a few PanO down with him. William Wallace entered and made the place a dangerous spot to get caught in. My Femme Fatale's had one entrance to the center fort covered fairly well with Probot, Nessaie Alke and Atalanta with her Spotbot all sighted in on anything that moved, picking off any unit dumb enough to stick a head out or make a break for it. I made an ill ventured attemp to sneak around back of a linked unit only to recall that a Doctor had repaired Rocket Launcher guy. My brave Asura knicked one unit before taking a missile to the face and being blown off the board. Sniper Dasyu took out Rocket Launcher once more but caught a few rounds from another sneaky unit who popped out of camo to take her down. 

   The final round was just a mad scramble to take out as many opposing units as possible. It was a pretty close game all around. This week only one little yudbot hit the ground- suffering the loss of one arm and both bunny ear antennas. In fixing her, I disconnected the little buggar from the base and also had to glue that back together. (Sidenote for those of you new to this whole miniature gaming thing: NEVER leave the house without some superglue!) Aleph triumphed once more, thanks to the loss of a lot of PanO units. Big cost units come in handy when points left determines winners! 

   All in all it was a fun week, just not super epic. Maybe next week I will try to pre-make a list instead of winging it the day of. My goal this year is to learn more of the tactical side of my army. I feel like with a better grasp of what they are supposed to do, things might get a little more crazy on a weekly basis.