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Serenity Blue began in November of 2011 as a creative outlet for a girl who dared to follow her dreams of being an artist one day. Today, with the same fire that drove her dreams then, Serenity Blue aspires to see how one nerdy girl can carve out a little corner of the internet to share her passions for gaming and art with the rest of the world.

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Three

Serenity Blue Blog

Aeres Anastasia's Adventures in Gaming: Infinity Week Three

Aeres Anastasia

   This week's adventure was a showdown between Nomads and PanOceania. We once again toyed with recording the match and after quite a few technical difficulties, we managed to get on with the match. The video is currently being edited and we are beginning to realize that making a video a week is probably not going to work out so well, so the aim is maybe twice a month for videos. Once it's ready we may post it and see what kind of feedback we get on them.

   Anyhow, about the match... PanO chose to play first, leaving the Nomads to deploy which went rather quickly with the small board and small-ish armies chosen this week. The Seraph started us off, moving directly into enemy territory with its Auxbot. Moving into lanes of fire, the Auxbot used its heavy flamethrower in an attempt to clear out some enemy troops. One enemy dodges, while the other hits the Auxbot with a shotgun blast, removing it from the board. The Seraph then attempts its own attack, taking two hits from AROs but managing to close combat with a Spitfire Wild Cat, removing her from the board and tying the body count 1-1. 


   Nomads retaliate with their Gecko going after the Seraph, however, the Seraph forces him into retreat with a hit from his Nanopulser but not before the Gecko succeeds in rendering the Seraph unconscious-all while the good lady Doctor escaped taking damage by the luck of the dice. After the fierce back in forth of the first order, the rest of the Nomads turns involved re-positioning troops for better advantage next round.

   PanO starts off their next turn all guns blazing with the Doctor taking down a Wildcat. The enemy Gecko is wounded by a speculative shot by a Fusilier. Another Wildcat goes down-forcing Nomads into Loss of Lieutenant-and a lieutenant order is spent to retreat to better cover. 

  The Nomads respond with a more reserved approach. The doctor attempts to help an unconscious unit, passing the toss roll but finding the poor unit already passed on. The Gecko then positioned itself to a better advantage and Turn Three began.

   PanO's Doctor, now impetuous after taking down the wildcat last turn, runs forward and finds cover. He then declares suppressive fire. The Fusilier attempts to speculative fire at the Nomad Doctor, but fails and the Lieutenant also goes into suppressive fire. 

  Nomads begins their last turn by advancing with the Gecko at firing upon the PanO Doctor, landing a critical and forcing the unit to retreat-costing the Doctor its suppressive fire. The Gecko advances again, going once again after the Doctor, determined to take them out. The Doctor tries to Dodger but fails, taking two hits and falling unconscious. The Nomad Doctor goes after the Fusilier and the two face off, the Doctor shooting with a shotgun and the Fusilier using a Grenade Launcher. Both fail spectacularly ending the match on a rather uneventful, but humorous note. 

   When scores are tallied, Nomads have won. Each army had three kills, but the Nomads had the most points still on the board. It was an interesting match, with many die rolls going horribly wrong. It was sad to see the Seraph go down so quickly, but it did charge head on into the midst of the enemy. Next time we hope to be back up to four players, but if not, a three-way battle may occur. Until next week, may the die be ever in your favor!